Birthday Beeswax Candles


Hand Dipped, Small Batch Crafted Pure Beeswax Taper Birthday Candles

Sold in a set of 6,  each candle is an original, like a snowflake - beautifully original!

Each candle is hand dipped with locally sourced fresh beeswax. Fragrance may vary slightly based on beeswax source and harvest season.

In the ideal conditions, beeswax is the cleanest burning candle you’ll ever have! Beeswax candles act as a natural air purifier and negative ion generator that will clean up your physical and emotional environment.

Dimensions:  4 Inch Tall Tapers

The wicks are 100% natural cotton and hemp.

*Burn Times Vary based on Temperature, Length of Burn Per Use, Humidity and Proper Wick Trimming

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Birthday Beeswax Candles
Birthday Beeswax Candles
Birthday Beeswax Candles