Palo Santo Bundle


Cleanse your energy, find calm, deepen your connection to the earth with Palo Santo Wood.

Imported straight from Peru! Put through a sustainable source to acquire these ultra fragrant Palo Santo sticks that are always harvested from naturally fallen trees, never cut down by force. The village that farms and collects these trees are accredited by the Peruvian Government.

Sold in bundles of 3.

Remember to burn the Palo Santo in an area where there is good ventilation.
Simply ignite a Palo Santo stick, let it burn for approx. 30 seconds. You can even move it around your house with the stick to purify the air around you and spread the aromatic smell around.

Kate Kilmurray is a California-based fiber artist whose work has been on the cover of Real Simple magazine and featured in Selvedge magazine, LA Times, Voyage LA and 805 Living. Her textiles are sold at stores across the US, as well in Canada, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Paris and Japan and she regularly teaches weaving-as-meditation workshops both in person and online. / Instagram: @katekilmurray

Palo Santo Bundle